Welcome to Adalo Camp !

Two Japanese guys who love Adalo are working to promote Adalo in Japan.

We know more about Adalo than anyone else in Japan!

Make A Clone Challenge

Yukari won a prize in the official Adalo app contest.

The first app featured in the contest is the one Yukari created.

Let's build email verification using Adalo, Zapier & Gmail!

With Adalo, which also allows you to create native apps with NoCode, we'll build an email verification feature when users sign up for membership. Two Adalo app templates, one for smartphone and one for PC, are included.

Web Site

Adalo Camp Japanese Site

They say no-code tools don't require programming, but there's still not a lot of information in Japanese, I love Adalo! I want it to spread! Adalo Camp is going to be a revolution with Adalo!


Adalo Camp YouTube

Shunsuke's video explaining Adalo in Japanese is now available.


About Us

NoCodeCamp Certified "adalo" expert. noCode x L Step ! Other → Airtable Zapier Sheet2Site Elmenter Pory Webflow Shopify bubble L-step x NoCode in practice.



I love Adalo airtable Webflow Zapier! I'm recognized as someone who can design. Created my own app "DEKAKERU" & won the 1st NoCodeCamp Contest. Won a prize in Adaro "Make A Clone Challenge" & was introduced in a video.



Shunsuke & Yukari's SNS

NoCode information is poorly documented in Japanese and there are many people who can't get over the language barrier. I hope that I can provide as many people as possible with the enjoyment and excitement of being able to create something by myself.

Adalo Camp

from japan

From Japan

I hope Tokyo Olympics will be held safely :)

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